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In the Mood for a Mood Board

In the mood for a mood board

A Mood board is a tool that can be used during branding to help organizations get a sense of how their brand is evolving. Mood boards are a collage of: Colors Textures Patterns Images I’m a creative person and graphic designer. Even if I’m not working on a project that involves designing visual identity, I’ll start to…

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Want to boost your nonprofit’s image? Try using branded images!

Every image you share says something about your organization. Your images can be completely random, or they can serve a higher function—supporting your overall brand. Your marketing materials should have brand consistency, and so should your images! Whether they’re slathered across your social media outlets, on a website, in a blog, in your emails, brochures,…

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Branding case study: How New York Insight Meditation Center evolved to convey a “more profound and holistic message”

[this article first appeared in the DMA Nonprofit Federation Journal, September 2014] People are passionate about brands they feel connected to, and that doesn’t just apply to consumer products like cars, coffee and yoga clothes – it’s relevant to nonprofit brands too. Loyalty is the holy grail of branding, as it can lead directly to…

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How to create style tiles for web design in 3 easy steps

At Stone Soup Creative, we believe every great website starts with an organized, authentic, goal-based approach. Style tiles are a powerful tool in the initial steps of web design. Here’s an excerpt from my recent article for Nonprofit MarCommunity, How to Create Style Tiles for Web Design in 3 Easy Steps: Wouldn’t it be great…

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Nonprofit annual reports: 3 ways to save time and money

Creating an annual report is never an easy endeavor. Here are 3 tips to make the process a little easier, a little faster, and a little more budget-friendly. 1. Make it Shorter Direct mail isn’t dead yet. For many groups, printing and mailing an annual report is still relevant. It makes donors feel good to…

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Branding for nonprofit fundraising events, Part 2: out-of-the-box event ideas

This post is the second in a 2-part series on branding for nonprofit fundraising events. In Part 1, I discussed why events are a unique and critical component of a nonprofit’s brand, with tips for organizing a successful, well-branded fundraising event. In Part 2, I describe some uncommon (and common) fundraising event ideas.   Charity…

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