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How to make an engaging poster presentation using the Show and Tell method

How to make an extraordinary presentation using the Show & Tell method

“Making an engaging presentation is hard. We forget to Show & Tell.” – Dan Roam, author I was recently invited to be a guest speaker for a monthly call for a group of engineering educators working in higher ed, who will all be presenting research posters at an upcoming in-person conference. I was asked to…

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The 2021 Gift Guide for Visual Thinkers

Is there a creative, visual learner in your life that you’d like to thank, encourage, or support (or maybe that’s you, *wink*)? Here is a curated list of 15 fun and useful gift ideas for all ages, from free to inexpensive to somewhat pricey. The items are categorized into Books, Tech, Tools, and Toys.

The appealing accessibility of simple scribbles

“Shit is bleak“ Humor is often used to poke fun at tragic or depressing events. Good-natured comedy can help us cope with a negative situation.  Take this Onion headline parodying the sober subject of climate change, for example, or this screenshot from comedian Marie Faustin’s pandemic-themed skit. What could be less funny than killer virus…

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Centric Indiana Day of Innovation Visual Thinking Strategies for Change

Centric Indiana’s Day of Innovation 2019: Visual Thinking Strategies for Change

In 2019 I had the pleasure of leading a workshop at the Day of Innovation at Butler University, Indiana’s full day innovation event that brings together leaders and practitioners from all sectors and backgrounds, hosted by Centric Indiana. The conference theme was The Power of Together: Diversity, Inclusion, Collaboration and Team Building for Innovation. It…

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doggo lingo infographic

Doggo Lingo: a visual ‘dog talk’ dictionary infographic

Inspired by my muse – my bulldog Violet – I created this Doggo Lingo infographic (and a few animated GIFs, just for fun). What is Doggo Lingo? It’s how dogs “talk” online, of course!   If you are interested in: 1. Live sketchnoting  OR 2. Illustrated infographics, like this one – – I’ll happily be there to make your next event,…

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