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How to make an engaging poster presentation using the Show and Tell method

How to make an extraordinary presentation using the Show & Tell method

“Making an engaging presentation is hard. We forget to Show & Tell.” – Dan Roam, author I was recently invited to be a guest speaker for a monthly call for a group of engineering educators working in higher ed, who will all be presenting research posters at an upcoming in-person conference. I was asked to…

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design thinking sketchnotes

The MFA plan v2.0

Exciting update to my grad school MFA (Master of Fine Arts) plans (see Why I decided to go back to school at age 48): I’ve enrolled in the NEW #designthinking for innovation and collaboration certificate program at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. Hopefully I’ll get a bunch of credits transferred to Indiana State University. With apologies to my ISU…

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Why I decided to go to back to school at age 48

I’ve spent most of my professional life involved in visual communications, but that’s not what I studied as an undergrad (environmental education, at Hampshire College) because I didn’t even know what graphic design was then, and I was terribly intimidated by the “art students”. By my late twenties I had taken a single life-transforming class…

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Helping Organizations See the Value in Great Design

I had a lovely chat today with a friend who runs the communications dept at a small liberal arts school. Among other things, we discussed summer in the Finger Lakes (wonderful but busy), local winery marketing (mostly abysmal), her design needs (bountiful yet budget conscious), and my business (growing). She said she constantly receives materials […]