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By listening carefully, thinking deeply, and drawing quickly, I make conversations visible. Here’s how I can help:

Julia Reich Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

Visual note-taking for events, conferences, workshops, and meetings – live, in real time. I draw key themes as they happen using pictures, words and color. Ideas and conversations come to life, ultimately creating a visual artifact that can be easily seen, understood and shared.


Whiteboard explainer videos and time-lapse videos are fantastic tools for explaining complex ideas. I work closely with clients in a collaborative and iterative process, from scripting and editing to production and shooting. 


Hand-drawn visuals are accessible and fun, adding warmth and personality to any project. Some of the ways my clients have integrated custom illustrations into their projects is with story maps, infographics, icons, book illustrations, presentation slides, thank you gifts, and visual summaries of sessions.

Brand Strategy

With over 22 years of experience, I help both consultants and organizations stand out more in peoples’ minds, gain trust, and guide marketing efforts using The Brand Recipe, my comprehensive methodology that dives deep into uncovering your authenticity.

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