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Past Issues

April 2023
How is visual thinking used IRL?

September 2022
Signs your branding stinks – or soars

November 2021
The 2021 Gift Guide for Visual Thinkers

September 2021
Hand-drawn delight: the appealing accessibility of simple scribbles

June 2021
Doggo Lingo

March 2021
A celebration of changemakers

December 2020
A story for the new year

December 2020
The 2020 Gift Guide for Visual Thinkers

June 2020
Using visuals to share information on COVID-19

April 2020
Creative resources for coping

March 2020
Conference cancelled or postponed?

February 2020
Violet loves you

January 2020
My personal annual report

November 2019
The big trip

January 2019
Peas on Earth

August 2018
Is it *art* or visual communication? [PODCAST]

May 2018
Logo pitfalls to avoid

January 2018
A new year’s message from me + my seven cats

November 2017
Back to school! And other exciting updates

October 2017
[UPDATE] You’re never too old to ____

August 2017
Getting Your House in Order

June 2017
Words + Pix = Better Together

March 2017
Got Numbers? How to be a Data Viz Pro

November 2016
Planning Your Annual Report

September 2016
Passion Projects

June 2016
Let’s Get to the Point

May 2016
[survey] Getting to Know Youuuu

April 2016
What I Learned About Honoring the Past

February 2016
Will Your Best Foot Please Step Forward?

December 2015
Happy New Year from Stone Soup! A look back at 2015

November 2015
9 steps to defining your nonprofit’s brand personality

August 2015
Mountain biking and nonprofit brand values

July 2015Can you determine brand debt?

May 2015
Strategic planning and branding, together forever

April 2015
Nonprofit technology and taco trucks

February 2015
Are you using random images – or branded images?

January 2015
Upcoming events with Stone Soup Creative

December 2014
Ten important considerations for your nonprofit logo