5 signs your brand strategy soars

5 signs your brand strategy soars

I wish a successful brand strategy was like coming home after a long flight and as you’re walking through the airport terminal pulling your luggage, you see friends, family, customers and clients all lined up, holding signs that say “congratulations, you made it!” and “job well done!” and “your brand rocks!”

The reality is that it can be difficult to measure the ROI of investing in a solid brand strategy. As a business leader you’re probably a fairly analytical person. You want to say, ‘I invest here, I see the return there.’ 

But you can’t really trace the return on branding directly to increased volume or revenue. 

There’s another way to look at it: You can measure the progress you make in improving the brand perception and reputation within your community.

1. Your brand reflects your core values and character

Like going to a party or networking event where you’re naturally drawn to others, once you express your authentic brand in this way, you will develop loyal supporters who recognize the values you share.

2. You know what your organizations in the same space are up to and what makes you different from them, and how to articulate that unique quality you have

Knowing how to speak to what makes your purpose and value different from your competitors builds stronger relationships with clients and colleagues. 

3. You know what the organization does and stands for, and the results you provide your customers and clients

It’s not enough to provide value to your clients. In order to create lasting relationships and a strong brand, your clients have to receive results. 

4. You’re able to link business attributes with creative solutions

You start to see the connection of visual and written communication that “matches” the positive, desired perceptions of your organization with the correct – and consistent – tone and personality.

5. There’s buy-in on the brand refresh at every level, because all decision makers were involved from the get-go

For this process to work, you need a commitment from decision makers to get involved – but also a commitment to let the process work. I highly recommend gathering a team of people from all levels internally – but also externally, your beneficiaries. In the end, ideally, all these people become your brand ambassadors.

So go get your gang of advocates together to celebrate your brand and ensure it’s soaring with consistency and joy – a practice and feeling that comes from:

  • a community that trusts you and rewards you with their loyalty
  • a brand stands the test of time and will never change according to the latest market trends or whatever your next marketing campaign may be
  • knowing your brand stems from authentic values and personality

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