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Your Design Is Full of CRAP

How to use the four principles of graphic design to create images that engage audiences and make your organization look good As a 20+-year professional veteran of the graphic design field – most often working with nonprofits – I believe an organization’s marketing materials need no, require good design. In my experience good graphic design has…

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How to create style tiles for web design in 3 easy steps

At Stone Soup Creative, we believe every great website starts with an organized, authentic, goal-based approach. Style tiles are a powerful tool in the initial steps of web design. Here’s an excerpt from my recent article for Nonprofit MarCommunity, How to Create Style Tiles for Web Design in 3 Easy Steps: Wouldn’t it be great…

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Information architecture: 2 things you need to know

At Stone Soup Creative, before we begin the design process, there is a lot of information that needs to be gathered, assessed, and organized. This is Information Architecture (IA). And it’s the nerdiest—and best—thing that will ever happen to your website. What is information architecture? If the definition of information is “details about a subject,”…

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