How to create style tiles for web design in 3 easy steps

At Stone Soup Creative, we believe every great website starts with an organized, authentic, goal-based approach. Style tiles are a powerful tool in the initial steps of web design. Here’s an excerpt from my recent article for Nonprofit MarCommunity, How to Create Style Tiles for Web Design in 3 Easy Steps:

Wouldn’t it be great if your designer or design team could reach into your brain and pull out all the things you want (and don’t want) in your organization’s website design? It can be difficult to verbalize to others what you like (and don’t like) if you haven’t been trained in a visual vocabulary.

I’m going to explain how a simple visual reference called style tiles helps communicate the essence of a visual brand for the web – without getting everyone bogged down in design specifics too soon. It establishes design criteria early on, so you can get critical buy-in from your colleagues.

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