Branding case study: How New York Insight Meditation Center evolved to convey a “more profound and holistic message”

[this article first appeared in the DMA Nonprofit Federation Journal, September 2014]

People are passionate about brands they feel connected to, and that doesn’t just apply to consumer products like cars, coffee and yoga clothes – it’s relevant to nonprofit brands too. Loyalty is the holy grail of branding, as it can lead directly to increased awareness, participation, and donations.

However, in spite of your best efforts at getting the message out—from your website, to email, to print communications, to fund raising events—there may come a point when you realize your efforts could be more professional, accurate, resonant, or consistent. That’s when you know it could be time to re-brand.

Sometimes it’s time for a re-brand because your organization’s mission or personality have changed over the years, and your brand no longer reflects who you have evolved to become. That’s what happened with our client New York Insight Meditation Center (NYI)—an urban center for the practice of mindful awareness, called Insight or Vipassana meditation.

Our client told us:

We know it is time to re-brand because we realize that our old logo of the circular hands and tagline A peaceful refuge in the heart of the city do not resonate for us anymore as a full expression of what we have become—a diverse community dedicated to transformation.”

With this in mind we were challenged to create new key messages, tagline and logo that more fully conveyed New York Insight’s values and personality.

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