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5 “Dos” of Brand Personality

The 5 “dos” of brand personality

Brand Personality is the visible and outward manifestation of your brand [CLICK TO TWEET], in subtle and obvious ways – everything from the copy on your website, to your logo, to the signage in the window. When your organization’s brand is defined in this way, your community will more easily be able to connect with you –…

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[Interview] Julia Reich On Identifying Ideal Donor Personas & Why They Matter

[Interview] On identifying ideal donor personas and why they matter

The following is a transcription of an interview I did with Noah Barnett of Causevox. In this episode we talked about how a nonprofit can identify and craft their ideal supporter personas and how these profiles then influence your fundraising messages. Here‘s the recording if you’d prefer to listen to the interview. Noah: Hey everyone. Thanks for tuning…

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Ideal Audience Personas

How to create an Ideal Audience Persona: three reasons & a worksheet

Knowing who you are as an organization and how you are perceived is a critical part of the branding process. Once you’ve got a handle on your mission, vision, values, and messages (congrats!), you’ll want to start disseminating your brand identity to the world. But do you really know who you’re trying to reach? A…

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