Brand Awareness Quiz

[Quiz] What is your brand awareness?

Eventually we want to re-design our website, but first we want to redo our branding. Can we discuss your process?”

We are headed into a major transformation and need big brand development. I’d like to get a general sense of what your approach might be.”

When I’m contacted by a prospect, often they’ll ask about my branding process. It’s an important concern. Different firms and consultants have varying approaches. Some even define the term branding differently than I would, lumping design and marketing together with branding—so I thought I’d address the first step to implementing the Brand Recipe.

The first thing I do when I meet with a prospect to discuss a branding project is unveil a helpful tool I call my Brand Awareness Quiz (it’s hanging out here, as a free download in the Resources section).

There are 25 yes/no questions (except for the first question, which asks “what is a brand?”) For each YES answer, you get a point. (For that first question, if you answer “it’s a logo”, well… that’s an automatic NO. Otherwise – you probably earn a point for answering correctly).

How many YESes did you get?

  • 0-5: Starting with a clean slate!
  • 5-10: Could be more aware
  • 10-15: Pretty good
  • 15-20: Doing great!
  • 20-25: A+, you don’t need my help – get out there and do great stuff!


I found your Brand Awareness Quiz useful, reinforcing, and inspiring —
Useful in that it provided an organized approach to assessing a Brand’s meaning, purpose, and value.
Reinforcing in that when I thought of our brand, many of the questions you asked were answerable in the affirmative!
Inspiring in that many of the questions asked were “oh, yes, we should know that and/or do that” reminders — creating a to do list — for which I am grateful.
—Bill G,

How would you answer these questions? Do you know the state of your brand? Let’s go through the Brand Awareness Quiz together. Get in touch and we’ll set up a time for a quick 20-minute consultation.

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Brand Awareness Quiz

How aware are you of your organization’s brand? Answer the 25 YES/NO questions in this quiz, which provides an accurate place to begin thinking about the state of your brand.

Download the PDF

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