live upcoming webinar: “Not Your Grandma’s Pie Chart: Infographics & Data Visualization for Nonprofits”


Julia Reich, Principal of Julia Reich Design will be leading a live webinar on Wednesday November 14, 1-2pm:

Not Your Grandma’s Pie Chart: Infographics & Data Visualization for Nonprofits

Take all that data you have and turn into something people will actually look at and understand.

If your organization is like most, you have piles of data that you think would be helpful to your readers and supporters. But who wants to wade through a 50 page report filled with statistics? Information design and data visualization can turn your organization’s pile of data into understandable visuals, giving your constituents the right information to make choices, learn something new, or engage in a campaign.

These visuals need to be well-designed, since good design helps non-profits clearly explain needs and goals. They also need to be backed with substantial data that defines them.

This webinar will help your organizations be better positioned to solve the world’s problems by making your infographics clear, interactive and approachable. We’ll also look at best practices in creating data visualizations and offer tips on how to avoid common pitfalls during the design and data-selection process.

We will also discuss the new tools that nonprofits need to quickly and easily reach out to their audiences. Plus, we’ll have a lot of infographic examples from real-life organizations.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How infographics and data visualization can aid in communication and activism around social change.
  • How to make a good infographic.
  • How NPOs can get started in the process.
  • How to “humanize” complex data.

This webinar is part of a popular series sponsored by Nonprofit Marketing Guide ( An all-access pass is required. Details at



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