doggo lingo infographic

Doggo Lingo: a visual ‘dog talk’ dictionary infographic

Inspired by my muse – my bulldog Violet – I created this Doggo Lingo infographic (and a few animated GIFs, just for fun).

What is Doggo Lingo? It’s how dogs “talk” online, of course!

Doggo Lingo infographic


doggo lingo animated GIF warm pur fren

doggo lingo - snac?

Doggo Lingo doin a sweem animated GIF

If you are interested in:
1. Live sketchnoting 
2. Illustrated infographics, like this one –
– I’ll happily be there to make your next event, meeting, presentation, or marketing effort memorable, easy-to-understand, and non-boring.
Contact me and we can work out exactly what you need for the budget you have available. 
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