Recommended reading from HOW Design Live & Creative Freelancers Conference

Almost all of the design community luminaries I saw speak at the HOW conferences in Boston a few weeks ago (June 21-24) had books to recommend, in a broad swath of genres. Here’s my compiled list of the books, their authors, and the speakers who recommended them:

Were you at HOW? There were so many presentations to choose from, I’m sure many speakers I did not have a chance to hear also had books to recommend. What’s on your list?

And, if you’ve read any of these books and have an opinion to share, pro or con, I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “Recommended reading from HOW Design Live & Creative Freelancers Conference

  1. The Brand Gap, as well as Zag, by Marty Neumeier are both fabulous books. They are well worth a spot on your bookshelf and the short time it takes to read them. (I have given them to clients many times over the years.)

    Thanks for the other suggestions. I, too, need to catch up on Daniel Pink’s Drive.

    I’d add:
    – Alina Wheeler’s Designing Brand Identity
    – Peleg Top’s suggestion, Start with Why (Simon Sinek)
    And, related to design strategy:
    – Managing the Design Process-Concept Development (Terry Lee Stone)
    – A Designer’s Research Manual (Jenn + Ken Viscocky O’Grady)
    – The Strategic Designer (Davis Holston)

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