Centric Indiana Day of Innovation Visual Thinking Strategies for Change

Centric Indiana’s Day of Innovation 2019: Visual Thinking Strategies for Change

Day of Innovation 2019: Visual Thinking Strategies for Change

In 2019 I had the pleasure of leading a workshop at the Day of Innovation at Butler University, Indiana’s full day innovation event that brings together leaders and practitioners from all sectors and backgrounds, hosted by Centric Indiana. The conference theme was The Power of Together: Diversity, Inclusion, Collaboration and Team Building for Innovation.

It was in keeping with this theme that I developed and delivered  Visual Thinking Strategies for Change, as I believe visual thinking has the power to move individuals, groups and organizations forward. It is a proven method of clarifying an idea by creating a shared understanding through the use of images. 

Welcome to visual thinking strategies for change

There were main takeaways from the workshop:

  1. How to make workshops more productive and fun with visual, interactive activities that help participants become more are fully engaged and maintain their cognitive and collaborative energy in group events
  2. Drawing principles and techniques. We explored how to make the things we draw look more 3‐dimensional, opening new possibilities for creating visual metaphors, powerful lettering, expressive people and more
  3. How to design visual templates that guide and support workshop participants

I introduced a variety of visual tools and methodologies that can be easily woven into the planning for any meeting or workshop where the focus is on efforts to support positive change, such as future planning, organizational change and team development.

We had lots of fun in this session learning and practicing visualizations that were intended to employed right away at to increase energy and focus, engagement and alignment.

what is visual thinking?

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