Our social identity teacher training animated video drawn by Julia Reich

Anti-Racism Teacher Training Videos

What is Social Identity? Videos with hand-drawn graphics are used as a tool for a series of conversations on anti-racism for teachers at a Chicago school district.

Restorative Justice Circle

I was honored to support the members of a New England church with graphic recording when they participated in a restorative justice circle, a deeply meaningful and emotional process.

Meeting Pathway to Success

For students and alumni of MG Rush, this process map called the Meeting Pathway to Success provides a simple-to-follow guide for facilitating meetings or workshops.

Digital Note-Taking for Nextech Navigate 2022

Live digital note-taking for Nextech Navigate 2022, a virtual conference for high school students, about technology, job opportunities in Indiana, and where they might have a future career in tech.

Visualizing Bottom Line’s Impact 

For a nonprofit whose mission is to level the playing field in college completion, FY22 had impressive impact, with a pronounced increase in grad rates for NYC-based Black and Latinx students. Bottom Line wanted to capture that story in a visually engaging way to share with their donors for an end of year appeal.