Sozosei Foundation Strategy Map

This visual big-picture view communicates the complexity of Sozosei Foundation’s history, strategy and vision in a clear and simple way.

Project Implicit

For a non-profit involved with helping people understand and mitigate stereotypes, prejudices and other biases, hand-drawn doodles make serious content more accessible.

Hawaii Data Collaborative

Website design, pitch deck design, and infographic design for a nonprofit in Hawaii that promotes a culture of data-informed decisions by making data more accessible, relevant, and meaningful.

ROSE-HULMAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY branding and marketing collateral

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

How do you create awareness on campus for a hard-to-define academic program? Stone Soup created recognizable brands and targeted marketing campaigns for two academic departments at a small, prestigious Midwest engineering college

Digital Sketchnotes

Digital drawings are the antidote to boring online meetings. Real-time visual note-taking boosts productivity and engagement by enhancing energy and focus.

Skillful Learning

Skillful Learning is a project to empower college students (and the faculty who work with them) to become better, more efficient and effective learners.


Graphic Recording

You talk, I draw: making conversations more fun and visible with visual note-taking

brand management for health and wellness

O’Day Studios

Stone Soup worked with a health and wellness studio to study and explore where their brand is positioned in the marketplace today and to establish a brand strategy moving forward [CASE STUDY]