Project Implicit

Project Implicit

Doodles make serious content more accessible. I worked with Project Implicit, a non-profit involved with understanding and mitigating stereotypes, prejudices and other biases, to re-design two flyers. Using my doodly drawings gives serious subject matter a lighter tone.

Hansen Leadership Institute

We worked with a prestigious Fellowship program that promotes world peace to improve the look and enhance the user experience of their website with a custom WordPress design.

Hawaii Data Collaborative

Website design, pitch deck design, and infographic design for a nonprofit in Hawaii that promotes a culture of data-informed decisions by making data more accessible, relevant, and meaningful.

ROSE-HULMAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY branding and marketing collateral

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

How do you create awareness on campus for a hard-to-define academic program? Stone Soup created recognizable brands and targeted marketing campaigns for two academic departments at a small, prestigious Midwest engineering college

Skillful Learning

Skillful Learning is a project to empower college students (and the faculty who work with them) to become better, more efficient and effective learners.

homelessness in Hawaii report design

Hawaii Advocacy Reports

Report design features findings and recommendations on the critical issue of homelessness in Hawai’i


Graphic Recording

As a Graphic Recorder, I make conversations visible, helping to drive discussions and decisions, and add color to a normal and maybe less colorful day