Drink Culture podcast "Take a sip, press play, and join us on our journey to drink deep of the culture that surrounds us. "

The Drink Culture Podcast highlights the stories of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and creators who are shaping the culture of Indianapolis. Our mission is to inspire and strengthen communities through storytelling. Listeners will drink in the culture of Indianapolis through the stories we share and find new ways to engage with the city we call home.

I was delighted to participate in the Drink Culture podcast project in Indianapolis, in two parts: first, I came to graphic record the conversation with Dave Colt from Sun King (Co-founder & Head Brewer). The conversation I captured with Dave talked about beer, spirits, and business

Then a month later I joined them at Indiana City Brewing to enjoy a beer and record an episode of the podcast where I was the guest. Listen in!

What if you looked back at your school notes and instead of bullet points and underlines you saw a sketchbook of ideas? Julia Reich used to get in trouble for doodling in the ledgers, but she’s now developed her talent into a job in graphic recording with her company Stone Soup Creative. Grab your gel pens and markers to illustrate this episode as you learn about how Julia’s artistic family fueled her future where she attended Hampshire College – an alternative school – and to Pratt Institute in NYC. And more recently, how she discovered graphic recording and developed it into a career. Drink deep of the Culture around you this week with Julia Reich of Stone Stoup Creative.