Association of Art Museum Directors Infographics, presentations and member resources convey data for AAMD's membership of art museum directors and the public


AAMD is an organization based in New York City. Membership consists of the directors of art museums throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The Association holds two meetings each year – “and at each meeting I need to give a little dog and pony show about what we’ve done and where we are in our stragetic plan,” the Executive Director explained. “I don’t want a plain old PowerPoint – I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, but I would like something that is fun with useful information as a backdrop to my ‘state of the union-ish’ speech.” PowerPoint is not our favorite communciation tool either. We knew we could provide infographics that went above and beyond the typical slideshow.

Solution #1
Since we were aware that the final infographic would need to be presented all together (for online usage) and in separate “chunks” (inserted into PowerPoint), we designed it that way from the outset.

The first few sections featured ‘hard’ statistics, such as the group’s operating budget and member museums listed by budget size. Then the rest of the panel content focused on AAMD’s strategic planning initiatives – “as the backbone of the story I want to tell about the last year” – including a re-cap where they’ve been, and where they are heading into the future.

Solution #2
Several months after our original project, AAMD contacted us again to provide infographics of a slightly different nature – this time to convey a series of statistical information about the museum field, in answer to the broad questions, What do museums do, and who do they serve? In the style of “dashboard graphics”, these designs (in red and black) included data compiled from their ~220 museum membership, such as:

  • Square footage
  • How many school groups served
  • How many objects in collection
  • How many annual visitors
  • How many employees
  • How many objects in collection

Solution #3, 4, 5…
Since these two projects, we’ve also worked with AAMD on several public and member resources:

  • Next Practices in Art Museum Education – a series of three publications so far of  “next practices” –beyond “best practices” to reflect innovative new approaches in:
    • Art Education
    • Digital & Technology
    • Diversity & Inclusion

The series provides practical information on how museums start, support, and evaluate such programs using hundreds of case studies from member museums. See the entire series on

  • Gender Gap – An important survey of research findings in report and infographic formats, showing that across all of the largest AAMD member museums, women are underrepresented in leadership and receive comparably less compensation than their male counterparts. See the full report at
  • Art Museums by the Numbers 2014 and 2015 – a financial survey of North American museums showing that visitors’ spending covers a small fraction of museums’ operating costs. This report was covered by ArtNews, LA Times, the NY Times, and Hyperallergic. See the full report here on