DRNK CLTR podcast interview, Episode 72: Julia Reich, Stone Soup Creative

I love what these guys are doing with their Indy-centric podcast. It was an honor to be interviewed – listen in!

We had a fun chat about my path to graphic recording… the best advice my brother ever gave me: don’t be afraid to get fired… being an Urban Park Ranger in NYC (and how I got fired)… and beer.

What if you looked back at your school notes and instead of bullet points and underlines you saw a sketchbook of ideas? Julia Reich used to get in trouble for doodling in the ledgers, but she’s now developed her talent into a job in graphic recording with her company Stone Soup Creative. Grab your gel pens and markers to illustrate this episode as you learn about how Julia’s artistic family fueled her future where she attended Hampshire College – an alternative school – and to Pratt Institute in NYC. And more recently, how she discovered graphic recording and developed it into a career. Drink deep of the Culture around you this week with Julia Reich of Stone Stoup Creative.”

DRNKCLTR Episode 72: Julia Reich, Stone Soup Creative

What we tasted from Indiana City Brewing

KITT Berliner Weisse Sour
Motueka Kölsch
Beast of Laureys
Yacht Rock Wheat
Shadle’s Best Session IPA
Quarter King Coffee Blonde
And more…

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Central State Brewing

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