Project Implicit Doodles make serious content more accessible

Doodles make serious content more accessible.

I worked with Project Implicit, a non-profit involved with understanding and mitigating stereotypes, prejudices and other biases, to re-design two flyers. Using my doodly drawings gives serious subject matter a lighter tone.

For the impact and bias reduction handout, my client’s goal was to have a “party favor” for their education sessions, something people can take away and print as a reminder of what they learned, or even post in their cubicle at work. She can also use it as a marketing item because it illustrates, quite literally, what they intend for people to take away from their sessions.

For the flyer on the Implicit Association Test explanation, she was seeking something that looked more dynamic and interesting, that is now featured on the FAQ page.

Adding a visual component to Project Implicit’s research and education programming has been a game-changer. We get numerous notes after each session about how helpful it is to have a simple and effective summary to reference.”
– Amy Jin Johnson, Executive Director