The Little Brand That Could: A Multichannel Approach for the Small Nonprofit

The Little Brand That Could: How Even Small Nonprofits Can Effectively Use Their Brand Across Multiple Channels

The Little Brand That Could: A Multichannel Approach for the Small Nonprofit
2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference
San José, CA

Technology has enabled small nonprofits to be seen in places they weren’t before, but it has also created a more crowded playing field that forces them to cut through more noise just to be heard. A local arts organization isn’t just competing with other local arts organizations. It’s also competing with other nonprofits that are vying for the attention of the same donors, volunteers and supporters. A strong brand can help even a small organization cut through the clutter, with an authentic reputation that helps them be seen and heard.

An authentic brand hinges on two factors: (1) expressing the organization’s values, including character and personality, and (2) being clear about the organization’s unique position – so people will get to know, trust and be loyal to your small nonprofit.

We’ll hear from Stuart Pompel, Executive Director of Pacific Crest, a youth arts education organization that runs a drum and bugle corps performing ensemble in Los Angeles county.

Stuart will address how a small group like Pacific Crest – with no full-time employee – has been able to define its authentic brand and use it successfully to:

  1. Build a fiercely loyal audience of supporters,
  2. Be represented across several channels, and
  3. Engage diverse audiences such as youth, parents, alumni and event customers.