The Combine conference, Bloomington, Indiana

The Combine: Celebrating Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Combine
April 7th-9th
Bloomington, IN

The Combine 2016 – a conference that explores the spark that occurs at the intersection of community, culture, creativity, capital, and code – was a huge success!

Here’s some of the feedback Julia received after her presentation.

I found your presentation at The Combine useful, reinforcing, and inspiring —
Useful in that it provided an organized approach to assessing a Brand’s meaning, purpose, and value.
Reinforcing in that when I thought of [our brand], many of the questions you asked were answerable in the affirmative!
Inspiring in that many of the questions asked were “oh, yes, we should know that and/or do that” reminders — creating a to do list — for which I am grateful.
— Bill G.

I really enjoyed the talk, I thought that it sorted the information in a really thoughtful and strategic way. I feel like your workshop provided great tools to approach branding in a very organized manner.
— Casey T.


My immediate takeaway is that it was the best of all I attended in terms of how helpful it will be to me moving forward.
— Ladi T.