Top Ten Doodles for Visual Communication

Drawing out concepts and ideas instead of writing down words is an effective way to communicate. Doodles are simple shapes and symbols that can be drawn in all kinds of situations. Plus it’s fun, and you don’t need to be an “artist” to do it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Nonprofit’s Annual Report

Are you planning an annual report?
Would you like to improve your annual report planning process?
Feeling like there’s a lot at stake – like you could be more organized in your approach?
Good news – I have something for you!
It’s the Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Nonprofit’s Annual Report.
I wrote it together with the extraordinary copywriter Marlene Oliveira of moflow.

Brand Recipe E-Book

How does Stone Soup Creative help you define and communicate your brand so you can achieve your marketing goals?

Pre-Branding Worksheet

The purpose of this “quiz” is to gauge and document your current branding and marketing situation. This list is important in helping determine your marketing and branding priorities.

Logo Evaluation Checklist

Use this simple checklist of criteria to either assess the state of your current logo, or evaluate a newly re-designed logo. If your logo is in the process of being designed (or re-designed) it may also be helpful to download the Logo Feedback Worksheet.

Logo Feedback Worksheet

If your organization is working with a designer, it’s helpful to know how to discuss and evaluate the designs being presented. This guide will help you through the process. Use this together with the Logo Evaluation Checklist.

Brand Values Worksheet

Your network should experience the organization’s brand and infer from it that the organization has the character and values that it actually has. Then people can connect emotionally, which in turn builds trust and loyalty in your organization.

Brand Positioning Statement Guide

Your positioning statement is a marketing tool that explains what your organization does well, what it does better and differently than any other organization (uniqueness), and how it provides a benefit to your community. It is to be used verbatim in all communications. Here’s a guide you can use to generate your one-to-three sentence Brand Positioning…

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Brand Positioning Action Plan

Once you have a brand positioning statement in place, you’ll need a step-by-step action plan that makes the brand positioning believable and do-able. Without a plan, the positioning statement is just a bunch of words you’ll have trouble relating to in the long term. Explore these questions and assign the who, what and when with your colleagues.

Define Your Brand Positioning Worksheet

Brand Positioning is what makes you different from every other organization, and its main purpose is to supply a reason to buy (or give, or join, or participate). Your Positioning should appear on every bit of marketing you do, so your network can immediately know your purpose and value. There are six ways an organization can differentiate…

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