Graphic Recording Want to host a non-boring meeting or event? Graphic Recording is the solution! It is the real-time visual note-taking of conversations and information. It can be done in-person or remotely. It’s a wonderful way to bring innovation, impact and excitement to your next event.

You talk, and I draw. Live, in real time. With markers + BIG sheets of paper (or boards) or digitally. In-person, or virtually. It makes a huge impact! And we can use that visual in so many ways:

  • Organizing and communicating ideas
  • Conveying important messages and processes
  • Stimulating imagination and creativity
  • Solving a problem
  • Improving comprehension
  • Allowing all voices to be captured and heard
  • Simplifying complex concepts
  • Keeping energy levels up in the room


Julia’s visual recording brings an element of creativity and real-time intrigue as participants watch their ideas come to life on her boards.”
– Peter Lux, Chief of Staff & VP, Organization + People, Heritage Environmental Services