HOW Design Live 2019

Julia Reich will be capturing attendee’s thoughts on an Interaction Wall by offering 3 prompts about HOW Design will create tomorrow, HOW Design can make a difference and HOW Design can be sustainable. She will then create – in real time – a visual of their thoughts by using words, drawings, shapes and symbols.

Visual Note-taking 101: An Introduction to Sketchnoting

Have you ever been in a meeting or conference, lecture, class or panel – and thought, I really love this content and want to remember it, to make sense of this information in a way that is meaningful – to capture the themes and big ideas you’re hearing, in real time?
Using hands-on sketchnoting techniques, Julia will show you how to activate your brain by using your listening, thinking and drawing skills to make meaning.

Prosperity: Indiana – “What It’s Worth” Town Hall Meetings

Join Prosperity Indiana; subject matter experts; and Julia (who will be doing graphic recording) – for a video and discussion on “What It’s Worth,” the book published by Prosperity Now and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco addressing the financial future of families and communities. Learn strategies to build financial capability from early childhood through retirement and…

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Day of Innovation: Visual Thinking That Drives Innovation

Day of Innovation LEARNING LAB: GO TRACK Visual Thinking That Drives Innovation Thursday, October 12, 2017 Butler University Indianapolis, IN About Day of Innovation: This is Indiana’s only full day innovation event that brings together leaders and practitioners from all sectors and backgrounds. Connect with like-minded innovators for inspiring keynotes, hands-on Learning Labs, presentations and…

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APIC Ohio state conference – graphic recording

Julia will be providing graphic recording services for APIC Chapter 26 who are hosting the 2017 Ohio state conference in Cincinnati.  APIC is a group of medical professionals for Infection Control & Epidemiology – physicians, advanced nurses and microbiologists.