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Graphic recording: What it is, how I do it, and why

[This animated whiteboard explainer video was originally created for my Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis Exhibition at Indiana State University, October 2020]

As a visual communicator I listen to people talk, and capture conversations as they happen in real time using pictures, words and color.

This can be done on a large, analog scale using markers on paper – where I am up in front of a room, or digitally for remote experiences such as virtual meetings, as participants watch the drawing take shape on a screen.

This kind of work is referred to by many names: graphic facilitation, visual note-taking, scribing, and even visual harvesting. I most often use the term graphic recording.

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Blog I talk and write about graphic recording and visual practice every chance I get because I love it! My thinking →

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Try it! Your meetings will never be the same. Book a half-day, full-day or multi-day graphic recording session. Tell me about your meeting, event, session or project and we can book a date  ➞

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About Have you heard the fable about hungry travelers who make a pot of soup with a ‘magic stone’? It’s a story of creativity, ingenuity and teamwork – and how I chose the name, Stone Soup. Read more ➞

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By listening carefully, thinking deeply, and drawing quickly, I make conversations visible, helping to drive discussions and decisions. Learn more about how it works ➞

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Stone Soup Creative is a visual innovation agency for branding, graphic design and graphic recording – to help make meaning, retain more content, and activate the brain.