Mountain Bike Designs A personal passion project: designs for mountain biking

Passion Project
I’m passionate about mountain biking. To show support, I design t-shirts, usually pro-bono, for a variety of mountain bike clubs, clinics and camps

Brown County/HMBA Trails
Brown County State Park in southern IN has some iconic trails and vistas, including the new Hobbs Hollow Flow Trail and Hesitation Point. I designed a couple of mockups for shirts and trucker hats that could potentially be used as fundraisers for Hoosier Mountain Bike Club (HMBA).

Kickapoo Bash Mountain Bike Race
Kickapoo Bash in August 2016 was a “typical” mountain bike race on the ~9-mile trail system. I developed two preliminary designs with the “winged biker” design as the ultimate winner.

Kickapoo Endurance Mountain Bike Race
Next was the Kickapoo Endurance Race in October 2016. I thought of the design after studying the Strava map of the trail system. Strava is an app for athletes that records mileage, speed etc. I noted that when a rider circumnavigated the trail system several times in a ride, the outline took the shape of a tornado. A storm with crazy high-speed winds seemed like an apt metaphor. In an endurance race, competitors are challenged to see how far they can ride in 4- and 8-hour increments. In these chunks of time riders will surely ride the trail loop several times over and make their own “tornadoes”.

I can also imagine feeling caught up in the churning of the excitement of the endurance race, then chewed up and spit out in what will surely be an exhausting and exhilarating experience for all those hale and hearty souls who will be participating.

In addition to all of this, tornadoes are not an uncommon occurrence on the prairies of the midwest in this part of the state.