Hansen Leadership Institute We worked with a prestigious Fellowship program that promotes world peace to improve the look and enhance the user experience of their website with a custom WordPress design.


Hansen Leadership Institute is a three-week program held on the beautiful campus of the University of San Diego, CA that brings together young adults from across the world to train future leaders in order to promote world peace and international cooperation. It is hosted by The Fred J. Hansen Foundation.


The website’s intentions are to recruit international and national students to apply for a competitive selection process with a simple and easy-to-navigate website that is visually impressive.

We wanted it to communicate the benefits of participation: leadership training, increased career prospects, and friendships. Worldwide users, ages 20-25, should come away with the thought “I must apply for this!”


The existing site looked too clunky and corporate. Our goal was to design a new one that conveyed youth and unity, world peace and international cooperation. 

From a usability perspective, we wanted users to easily be able to take action:

  • Search for information about the program
  • Find and apply to the program

and in addition:

  • Highlight the types of experiences and activities Fellows will have with text, photos and videos
  • Describe current Fellows and alumni with biographies
  • Feature an interactive map that conveys the diversity of program participants from across the globe


We designed a clean, modern, custom WordPress website design that scrolls, plus contains additional pages (since one continuous scrolling page isn’t terribly good from an SEO perspective). The header contains the navigation and logo which stays fixed to the top as the user scrolls down, so they can always find their way around.

One of our favorite features on the site is an interactive map of the world on the home page, with circles representing Fellows’ home countries. With a finger or mouse, if a user hovers over the map, a flag with the Fellow’s country will pop up. A tally of the number of participants from that country appears with the flag, serving to display the diversity of students from all over the world. It is also dynamic in the sense that is updated each year for the current crop of Fellows.

And of course, a mobile-friendly, responsive design was imperative, since users come from all over the world and access to the internet will be incredibly varied. So we tested the site across a range of devices to ensure it looked good and worked well – mobile phones, small tablets, large tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Finally, we provided training so the client could easily make updates using the admin editor.

The fellows’ reception has been so positive—everyone loves it!  Thank you, again, for all your time and energy making us such a wonderful and snazzy website. We are all thrilled!” –Kate Dimitrova, The Fred J. Hansen Foundation