Digital Drawings Digital drawings are drawn live in real time, in-person, or to accompany a virtual event such as an online meeting, webinar or conference - to create more engagement and enhance energy and focus!

Here’s how it works:

  • Drawn live, in-person – and projected on a large screen: at an event,  meeting, in the classroom, etc.
  • Drawn live, remotely – to accompany a webinar, virtual conference or online meeting. This engages participants and keeps their energy level up, so their focus is on the discussion. And there’s a compelling visual artifact that can be shared immediately after they log out – in a jpeg or PDF format, or even a time-lapse video of the drawing as it takes shape, in an animation
  • Drawn in the studio (not live) – these can be process maps*, infographics, slide graphics for Powerpoint presentations, or any creative project that could benefit from friendly, hand-drawn illustrations. I’ll capture content from your notes or mine, via google docs or other documents, audio or video files, or online conversations
  • Hand-drawn animations – I do that, too!

*A process map visually shows the sequential steps of any activity. This could be at a very high strategic level, or more of a micro level to help people understand a complex process in detail. The style can be hand-drawn and simple – yet dynamic and charming – or more polished and sophisticated.

Typically a project like this begins with a discovery meeting where I facilitate a discussion with the people involved to describe all the parts, role and steps involved. Then I gather this information and draw the big picture. I work together with my clients in an iterative fashion to remove or combine steps as necessary.