Digital Sketchnotes for Virtual Meetings Digital drawings are the antidote to boring online meetings. Real-time visual note-taking boosts productivity and engagement by enhancing participants' energy and focus.

Our gathering was captured by Julia Reich, a graphic recorder. Each slide she created memorializes different stages of our circle work. The work is visually beautiful, but is way more than pretty pictures. Her work captures the power and pain and passion of our time together.”
– Cathlin B.
Zoom fatigue is real. Need an engagement boost?  I can help your remote-work team boost productivity with non-boring meetings. There’s so many reasons to add a virtual scribe to your meeting, conference, or other online event:
  • Real-time interactive corrections
  • Grab the details
  • Guide people through a viewing of the drawing
  • Ease and speed of sharing the summary image
  • Digital assets for other projects
  • Social shareability
Julia memorialized our deep conversation in a creative way that will serve as the foundation of “behaviors of belonging” that emerge from the circle. The images can be easily transposed onto large white boards for viewing by the broader congregation. I have been fortunate to work with Julia in healthcare systems, corporate settings and non profits where all see the power of collective voices naming what is and shaping what can be.”
– Ellen W.


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