Digital Drawings Digital drawings are the antidote to boring online meetings. Real-time visual note-taking boosts productivity and engagement by enhancing energy and focus.


This past year with most of us working from home, and hosting and attending virtual events, has proven that real-time digital work has really earned its place.  My clients value digital work that accompanies virtual meetings for so many reasons:
  • Real-time interactive corrections
  • Ability to zoom in on details
  • Ability to guide people through a viewing of the drawing
  • Ease and speed of sharing the summary image (see example below)
  • Ability for clients to use the digital assets for other projects
  • Social shareability

I have also been doing a lot of digital work in the studio that is not live. These are projects where I draw your content provided by notes, audio or video files, or online conversations; for example:

Designing Equitable Futures summary image included in an email from Possibility Project

I summarized the main ideas from this online webinar, and then the hosts included it in this follow-up email to participants.