Digital Drawings Digital drawings are done on the iPad and can be sketchnotes drawn live in real time for an event, meeting, webinar or conference call, or drawn in the studio to accompany many creative projects. 

Digital drawings are done on the iPad and can be live sketchnotes drawn at an event in real time, in-person meeting or conference call, in the classroom, or drawn (not live) in the studio.

They add a hand-drawn touch of humanity to a poster, postcard, banner, infographic or report that viewers have an immediate engagement with.

In the examples below, we drew custom hand-drawn illustrations to accompany several instructional videos that were part of a module on the subject of metacognition (learning about learning – our client was an engineering professor at a local college). The first is a traditional whiteboard explainer video. The second combines footage of the professor speaking along with our hand drawings. See all the videos here.