I’m proud to be a member of, or have a collaboration with, the following organizations:

Certified as a Professional Structured Facilitator with MG Rush
and MG Rush Endorsed Graphic Recorder

I’ve completed the Lab, Brandy Agerbeck’s signature workshop experience and am a member of the Shaper Squad LabI’m a Certified Branding Expert with the Brand Academy

I’m a member of International Forum for Visual Practitioners (IFVP)

I’m a proud collaboration partner with MG Rush, facilitation training and coaching

MG RUSH facilitation training and coaching

I’m a proud member of Launch Terre Haute, the Wabash Valley of Indiana’s premier co-working and startup incubator space

Launch Terre Haute

I’m proud to collaborate with Vision Loft Indy as their “graphic recorder-in-residence”, a beautiful, creative, premier event space in downtown Indy

Vision Loft Indy