Hi! I’m Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative. I’m a brand strategist, graphic designer and graphic recorder. I love helping people and organizations distill complex messages, brands and concepts, so they are engaging and meaningful.

Here’s some of the ways we can engage:

Brand Recipe

This is my full toolkit, my comprehensive branding process. I’ll work closely with your team to  uncover truths about your organization – to capture your  authentic identity, something no other organization can be.

Brand Recipe

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Graphic Design

Need help bringing your brand to life? I’ll use your words and data to design infographics, annual reports, websites, brand identity, fundraising campaigns, publications and other marketing collateral. I’ll listen carefully to your goals and help you create engagement with your audience.

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Graphic Recording

I’ll listen to a speaker and synthesize the information by transcribing it in a visual manner using large-scale imagery, recording summaries of the key messages with text and pictures. This is usually done during a meeting, training, workshop or conference.

I can also work live at your event, then take the visual artifact I’ve created back to my studio to make it more professional and polished. You’ll get a digital image or set of images that can be used in a report or presentation – for example,  infographics or illustrations to accompany a strategic plan.

One-Day Brand Retreat

The ideal way to get everyone on the same page and launch a successful branding process, using presentations, hands-on activities and discussions. It’s an intense, enjoyable, inspirational day designed as a time to get clear on the direction and vision of the brand.


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