About Julia Reich

julia reich is a branding consultant, graphic designer, and graphic recorder

Hi, I’m Julia. I’m a visual communicator. Which means I’m a graphic recorder, branding consultant, and graphic designer. And speaker and writer.

Here’s what I’m good at and how I can possibly help you:

  • I’m a great listener and summarizer
  • I can see the big picture but also the pieces that make the whole
  • I can write legibly and draw super-fast
  • I’m a great speller
  • Have design training (from Pratt Institute)
  • I value process over product
  • Derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping others;
  • I’m calm under pressure
  • Adapt well to changes
  • I’m a professional you can rely on
  • Have a great collection of magic markers

Over my career, I’ve:

  • Been highlighted as a visual note-taker in the Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2018 Innovation Issue
  • Earned the designation Brand Academy Certified Branding Expert (2015) from the Brand Academy.
  • Participated in NY Designs, a unique design business incubator based in LIC, Queens.
  • Founded SPARK, a group of independent graphic design business owners who meet monthly in NYC to enlighten each other on the business and creative issues that are relevant to design studios.
  • Won the 2009 Small Business Award from the Cayuga County NY Chamber of Commerce.
  • Been featured in several design books including “The Big Book of Green Design,” “1000 More Greetings,” “Best of Business Card Design,” and “Recycling & Redesigning Logos.”
  • Been named a “trailblazer whose career embraces the common good” by Catalysta.net (Profiles of Trailblazers who Innovate with Community in Mind: A Marketing Primer for Non-Profit Orgs)
  • Achieved Advanced Communicator Gold in Toastmasters.
  • Been a former environmental educator
  • Earned degrees from Pratt Institute in New York City and Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

When I’m not busy doing visual communications stuff, I can be found:

  • Mountain biking
  • Walking my coonhound Rory
  • Cuddling with my 7 (!) cats
  • Swing dancing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Stand-up paddleboarding
  • Cooking vegetarian
  • ‘Gramming photos on Instagram, @motherofcoonhounds


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